100 days! Can you believe it? Today is the last day of my 100-day blogging challenge! I managed to write everyday and now it’s time for me to say a big THANK YOU.

Thank you for reading my blogs, for commenting, liking and sharing them on social media. Many of you have given me ideas, asked me how it’s going and have been so positive about this challenge. I am really grateful for all your input.

I’ve always wanted to blog and in my last business, I managed to write 16 blogs in 8.5 years so I also want to acknowledge myself for seeing it through and pat myself on the back. I’m also a bit relieved as well. Most of the days, the words just came but sometimes, I would be starting a different blog post every couple of minutes trying to get traction.

Is there something you would like to challenge yourself with? I would highly recommend a 100-day challenge. I wanted to produce content that helps people move forward and this was a great way to get started.

What’s next? First, I am going to take a Christmas break and then next year, I will continue blogging on the days I work, so it will be 4 times a week instead of everyday, so I’m not disappearing on you.

I wish you happy holidays and a lot of fun, joy and happiness.

It’s time to celebrate ☺