“That’s a beautiful photo – where is it?”.

I was peering over my husband’s shoulder as he opened a window on his laptop. He explained that he had installed Momentum on his computer.

Momentum (1) is a Chrome extension that replaces a new tab page with a personal dashboard. Everyday there is a stunning photo from somewhere in the world, from Canada to Italy to Chile to China.

There’s a daily inspirational quote and it asks what your main focus for the day is. The idea is to have a moment of beauty and calm before you start your day’s work, inspiring you to be more productive. It’s also supposed to help with taking away distractions.

My husband loves new tools and apps and is often an early adopter. I liked what I saw so I installed it on my computer too. So whenever I open a new window, I go to a new place.

How do you start your workday? In the past, I used to be straight onto emails. Not anymore. I look over my list of 3 things I really want to get done that day. I open a new window. I take a moment to check out the scene and usually smile because it’s so nice. I state what my main focus is and start in a gentler way.

See if the extension is something for you. New day, new window, new place.


1) Momentum Chrome Extension