“There are so many great coaches, writers, therapists out there. Who am I to put my content or services out?”

If only I could get a penny for every time I hear this. So many people procrastinate with their dreams saying that there are already so many people out there producing great content, so why bother even starting?

I used to think like this too. But then, you just need to look around and see how many hairdressers there are, how many restaurants there are, all serving different clientele. What really got me was when I was working with different speakers offering courses. Speakers could have the same area of expertise, yet one would appeal to me and another wouldn’t.

We all bring different life experiences, we look and sound different and we explain things in a different way. Yes, you may have heard this many times before but we are all unique in our own way. Even a simple message will sound different coming from me than from you.

If still, you hold yourself back, then put things out in the world for you alone. Make it about you and what fulfills you. If it is writing, write for you alone. If anyone reads it, it’s a bonus. Use this to develop your skills and see how you like it. Your soul will thank you.

So yes, there are many great coaches, writers, therapists out there. Is it time for you to join them?