“A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.” – Peter Turla

There were a few things we spelled out literally at our offsite. First, we listed our roles and responsibilities. Just as if you would if you were looking at a job role, we did it for the family. Often we naturally take over roles and responsibilities so it’s useful to go over them and see if that is the best fit for the person involved. 

Let’s take an example. Making sure everyone is fed is important. During the week, I make dinner and during the weekend, my husband does. That way, we know what we need to do, i.e. plan food, purchase and prepare.  

Time can easily be frittered away if we’re not careful. It happens all the time, so if we schedule something into the calendar, there’s a much higher chance it will get done. 

We went through our calendar scheduling as much as possible, for example, hours to exercise, blogging time, Rapid Transformational Therapy slots, evenings available for networking or to socialize, etc. It may sound obvious but when you have a family to coordinate, it’s useful to be clear with one another what is going on so the other knows what time is available separately and together.

Sometimes it is helpful to spell things out so you know where you stand.