One of the most obvious tasks entrepreneurs think to delegate is their social media posting. 

That’s just the beginning. I went to upwork.ch (1) to see what categories there are and here’s just the high level categorization: Accounting and Consulting, Admin Support, Customer Service, Design and Creative, Legal, Mobile Development, Sales and Marketing, Translation, Web Development and Writing.  After seeing this, I felt like a kid in a sweet shop – there’s something for everyone!

I asked a friend who runs large virtual summits what she delegates. She works with teams of VAs and outsources a lot. Here’s some of the things she said: graphics, uploading posts, welcoming members to groups, proofreading, researching, drafting, answering and sending emails once she has given some bullet points, uploading material to membership site, making pdfs look nice, etc. 

So as you can see, the tasks you can delegate can be as few or as many as your imagination will allow. 

What about keeping it all on track? (2) A common method from GTD (3) is to use a waiting list to keep track of what you have, either in email or on a task list. This is a list where you keep (Name)(Task)(Date), so for example: Jack: Produce Show me your True Calling workshop text: 28.02.2019. This list should be referred to regularly as you as the owner still hold the responsibility for the task.

It’s all very well knowing what can be delegated – now’s the time to put it into action. Let’s get delegating


1) upwork.ch – Finding freelancers

2) https://www.calmachiever.com/effective-delegation/

3) GTD – Getting things done – https://gettingthingsdone.com/