My husband recently sent me the “The Tail End” blogpost (1) from the waitbutwhy.com site. Tim Urban (2) has written about procrastination, amongst other topics for a number of years.

This blog post was rather sobering. It laid out an average human life span in different pictures. It started with showing the number of checkboxes left if we were to live up to 90, which prompted me thinking about how many more summer holidays I had left. 

I didn’t go to many places as a child (my excuse for why my geography sucks) because we always went “home” for my parents, which was Hong Kong and China. Now we typically go to Sweden and England every year because that’s where my husband’s parents and my parents are. 

I’d like to see more of the world and show my little boy places so this got me thinking I’ve got 50 or more destinations to go if I’m just counting summer holidays. Of course, there are always ways to increase or decrease this by going in winter or visiting the same place. 

What it boiled down to that life is too short to make excuses.  It’s important to spend time with the people you love. It’s important to do what you want too.

Start doing the things you want to do. Start finishing the things you want to do. 

Our time here is limited. Where’s your next summer holiday destination?


  1. The Tail End Blogpost
  2. Tim Urban Ted Talk – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator