Have you ever received feedback, only to find that perhaps one or two weren’t as positive as the majority? And all you can think of are those, which grate and grate on your mind.

99% of the feedback was positive, so WHY am I focusing on the negative only? It doesn’t make sense. Yet it does. Our lizard brain wants us to be aware because these could be a threat and potentially “kill” us, whereas the positive ones are safe.

A few years ago, I gave my Step out of your comfort zone talk in a corporate setting. The majority of the feedback was great but one person said “She told us to only check email twice a day which is impossible for us, so I didn’t take anything away from the talk”. This shocked me as I had been speaking for an hour and because of one thing I said, the person had dismissed my whole talk. It really grated on me.

After thinking it over (a few times), I incorporated this feedback into my future talks. I tell people that they may not agree with everything. I ask them to take what works for them. Using this example, I say “If it helps to check email 4 times a day instead of constantly, you’ll still be more productive, find the number that works for you”.

Be open to feedback and it will help improve your offerings.