So I’m walking down the road to my nearest train station and as I’m walking, ideas for my blog posts are popping into my head. “That would be a good topic”. I’m hurrying to catch the train so I say to myself I’ll remember it in my head. BIG MISTAKE.

If I could get a Franc for every time I say I will remember and promptly forget, I would be a rather rich woman by now. ☺

In Elisabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic (1), she talks about how a woman would run through the fields to get home to write down her ideas as if the ideas were being blown along on the wind and if they weren’t written down, they would be gone. It feels a bit like that sometimes.

Every notebook and piece of paper I have on my desk usually has a blog title scribbled on it. I also have a list of topics in an excel sheet. If I’m out and about, I WhatsApp myself with a voice message or note. I just need a tiny reminder to prompt myself.

Are you like me? Sometimes I feel I forget it as quickly as I thought it. It seems I’m not the only one. Some recommend sending yourself an email, getting markers you can use in the shower (for those lightbulb moments) or using a digital log (excel, Evernote, google docs, etc).

So what do you do to remember your ideas?


1) A wonderful book about creativity: Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert