“I’d like you to meet a friend of mine – he’s so incredibly kind”

When my dad said this to me, I was intrigued as it takes a lot for my Dad to be impressed like that. We went to visit this all day café run by a Turkish family in Cliftonville, the town I grew up in. 

Dad explained that this wonderful guy was often helping his clients with all sorts of matters. If they had problems with their electricity or gas, he would get on the phone to the authorities to help them sort it out. He’d be reminding older clients to take their medicine. Often you would see him bantering away with his clients, making a joke here and there. He helped his clients with all sorts of things way above and beyond serving them their breakfast.

I used to think I worked long hours, but this was nothing compared to these guys. They open their café 7 days a week from 7am to 6pm. They work very hard and giving back to the community at the same time. It was very humbling actually.

As I sat there, I realized how important the café was for so many of its clients, providing them with a safe and happy place to meet. They are lucky to have the wonderful owner looking after them and I’m grateful there are people out there in the world like him who are so kind and have such a big heart.