“You can’t take on any new things until you finish these tasks and that includes lunches with people”. 

This week, I found myself with a couple of tasks that I just needed to get done and little tasks here and there were being presented to my left, right and centre. I spoke with my accountability buddy and he said “Ok, what would you say to your clients?” So this is what I am going to do myself – not take on any new tasks until I have completed these two old ones.”

It’s interesting because not that long ago, I talked about scheduling lunches so you have something to look forward to. I realize there are two sides to the coin. Some people need some sort of “reward” to look forward to and others need some form of “punishment” to get things done. 

We turned it into a game by challenging each other. We both picked two tasks that we would do for the rest of the week and not schedule anything else until these were done. 

When the call ended, I looked at my phone and I had a message from a good friend asking me for lunch. I love going for lunch with this friend yet, realizing it was my first test, I declined my friend’s invitation. 

I love games and it gives me the motivation to get these things done, knowing there’s someone else playing too. Where can you gamify your tasks?