“Woah, we’re halfway there, Woah, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, Woah, livin’ on a prayer”

As a teenager in my first car, I had Bon Jovi blasting over the speakers. I don’t do that anymore but when I saw the Bon Jovi concert billboards coming up, I felt a strong blast from the past.

Back in 2003, I went to one of their concerts and it was fantastic. I remember it being a hot summer day, together with a group of girls, we went and sang our lungs out.

It was my husband’s birthday last week and I know how much he loves live music and concerts. He’s taken me to see Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran in the past couple of years. So, it was my turn to treat him. There’s been many a show or concert that I’ve considered that I’ve let slide. This time, I was determined not to let that happen and got standing tickets right by the front stage.

Years seem to fly by at the moment, so I’m creating and relishing shared experiences with my friends, family, and loved ones more and more. 

Whilst I haven’t listened to Bon Jovi in a while, I just need to hear one of his songs and all the lyrics just come out of me – stored in my subconscious mind obviously 😉

What experiences do you want to have?