Have you ever had one of your blind spots pointed out to you?

Imagine when you look in a car rear view mirror, there is a part that you cannot see. This happens also with us as people, there are parts of ourselves that we cannot see but others can.

I’m grateful when people point out blind spots to me. It’s where I’d been thinking along a certain track and hasn’t been able to see differently until it’s spelled out.

I realized I had a couple of blind spots where I found myself making more excuses than necessary. One was within Toastmasters where I have served within the club committee but not beyond, i.e. Area, Division, District, etc. I had always used the excuse of not wanting to be part of politics. Yet it got me thinking if this was an excuse and if I was afraid of stepping up. As I want to make more impact, it’s important to step onto larger and larger stages. It was helpful to recognize this so I can consciously decide in other areas of my life whether I want to step up.

Another was wanting to do a martial art for a long time but not getting around to it, with excuses of time, location, etc. I could long have been doing one if I hadn’t been making excuses, so time to step up once again.

Do you have a blind spot that needs looking at?