Most people do not like seeing food go to waste. I watched a short video on BBC News of how one restaurant was tackling food waste and I started to think how their ways could apply in other businesses.

It’s a Canadian restaurant that closes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The owner strategized what could be done to bring in more people on a Sunday night to make it worthwhile. Plus they didn’t want to save any food until Thursday. This meant selling all their food Sunday night.

Working with resources: After Sunday brunch,  the chef sees what is left and starts creating a menu out of it. She said that she challenges herself to come up with something that is fun, creative and delicious. And not just putting together something for the sake of it.

Showing clear offers: They write up that night’s menu on the chalkboard so it’s clear what’s available. They cross things off as they sell them, creating a sense of scarcity and urgency as the night goes on.

Announcing it loudly: Every hour, they ring a cowbell to announce special offers, for example, $4 caesars from 4 – 5 pm, $1 oysters from 5 – 6 pm all the way through to half price main meals at 9 pm.

A lot of restaurants are looking at reducing their food waste and whilst there are many ways, what they do is particularly novel and fun. What could you do for your business?


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