When did we go to Portugal again? 

Have you ever found yourself wondering which year you did something? Some people are great at recalling dates and times, I, on the other hand, have to link it back to some major event that happened. I then figure out whether it was before or after, narrowing it down.

This is where the annual album (1) has come in handy. It’s been like a diary of sorts. At the time of creating, it was nice to look back over the year and see what has happened but now, it’s come in even handier to answer when we did what questions.

I was always impressed by people that made photo albums, especially in the old days before digital photos. I felt it took so much time; diligently printing out photos, sticking them in albums and sometimes writing notes to accompany them. 

Fortunately, nowadays there are so many options to make albums. I use ifolor (2) but there are tons of companies out there. They make it easier and easier these days.

We’ve been in Sweden quite a bit lately as my father-in-law has been suffering from poor health. The family has enjoyed going through the albums, reminiscing over times spent together. 

My little boy has surprisingly taken a liken to them too, flipping through them talking about some of the pictures. 

So from old to young, the annual album is something we can all appreciate. 


  1. Do you have a Christmas tradition blog? 
  2. Ifolor – creating photo products