“You’ll probably finish it on the flight”

My husband handed me the Harvard Business Review book Managing Oneself (1) on the plane. He was right. 

It is a short book and very insightful. Getting to know oneself more and more is always useful. Besides having me consider whether I am a reader or a listener, I’m a reader, it reminded me of some key things.

How important it is to build on our strengths. You can spend a lot of time trying to improve your weaknesses, but by building on your strengths, you can really become extraordinary and excel.

It’s important to know your values, where you belong and where you would like to contribute so you can say yes or no to opportunities that come your way that match and are right for you.

The last part talked about the second half of your life where people looked at changing their careers or contributing differently. In the old days, where we were born into professions, there was no choice but to be in that career until retirement. These days, it is far from this, with many having a second, third or more career in their lifetime.

Like I said, it’s a short read and well worth it. When you understand how you tick yourself, it also helps you understand how others work too.

When we can manage ourselves, we are onto something.


1) Managing Oneself (Harvard Business Review) Peter Drucker