I just completed running my online course Go go go for your goals for the first time and it was an awesome experience for me. 

Despite being summer holidays for most of the participants, I was impressed by the dedication and effort people put in. Every week, the participants received 2 – 3 videos with tasks, guiding them step by step to a goal they wanted to work on. 

People worked on their individual goals, quite a few focusing on their health and getting fitter. Others worked on their business or finding new work. Some on personal growth. 

The course aimed to get people to think about a long term goal that they would like to work towards. I got them to focus on one goal and one goal alone. This was often tough for people as they said they had more areas they wanted to work on. This is normal, we all have many areas we wish to work on.

By getting them to focus on just one goal throughout the course, it helped them identify what worked and what didn’t with the goal. That way, they could apply this logic to more things they wanted to work on in the future. 

One participant put it really nicely – she said: “You will reach the goal you set, but it will also help you long after the course ended.”

What big goal are you working on?

PS: If you would like to be informed of when I run the course again, please join the Go go go for your goals waitlist here.