“Can you do this for me please?”, “Can you also do that?”, ”And by the way one more thing”

There say “If you want something done, ask a busy person”. 

Have you ever found yourself agreeing to a whole bunch of things on top of your busy schedule? When I’m in my “doing” mode, I can churn out a lot. 

I learnt a tough lesson a few years ago. My young son wasn’t in daycare yet and I was eager to get my business running again. I would take care of him during the day and when my husband returned from work, I would start working – often into the late hours. 

On a family trip to Hong Kong, I discovered a small spot on my forehead. I asked at a pharmacy and they didn’t think it was much but it wasn’t getting better. On a side trip to Singapore, I went to see the airport doctor and there, he told me it was Shingles. I was lucky, it wasn’t painful but still, it showed me that it is important to look after yourself. 

In this case, my body didn’t like the long work hours and it was telling me to do something about it. Nowadays, I am a lot kinder to myself. I could be even kinder though. 

So before you next take on the next task, ask what is going to give? Don’t let it be your health.