Ri – U – Fi – Ui

It’s a code – but what is it for? A few years ago, I spent a Christmas learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube. It was one of those challenges that I thought was reserved for “smart” people. But when I heard that a cousin had learnt how to do it from YouTube, I was eager to find out how it was done.

I always used to think you had to get one of the faces done and then move onto the others but there’s a bit more to it than that. You start with a cross on one of the faces, then you work on the corners, then the middle layer, top face and final layer. Each part has a different sequence to follow. If you are interested, you can follow it yourself on the rubiks.com site (1)

This activity showed me 

  • That even “near impossible” tasks can be broken down into simple steps. 
  • You can learn about almost anything on YouTube ☺ 
  • How nerdy I can get when solving a puzzle – I was pretty antisocial that Christmas
  • How much I love challenges

When I had finally learnt to solve it and could do it, I was a bit disappointed because I enjoyed the journey so much. I haven’t done the Rubik’s cube in a while and have forgotten the steps now. The good thing, once you’ve done it before, it’s easier to do it again.

Rubik’s cube anyone?


1) https://www.rubiks.com/en-us/blog/how-to-solve-the-rubiks-cube