I visited a friend’s house and was impressed by her wonderful photo collection. She had gorgeous photos of her family up on the walls.

Typically when people have photo frames up, they are normally full. The difference at her place was that some of the photo frames were empty. She said that she wanted to have some space for new photos so they wouldn’t become dated. She has young children so I understand what she means. 

I liked the idea of deliberately setting aside some space for something new. Recently I’ve had a lot of conversations about decluttering. By freeing up space gives more place for new and up to date views.

I had my office repainted a few months ago and I’ve been thinking about getting a painting for one of the walls but nothing has happened yet. The white walls are bare so I know I want something there.

Every time I see a painting, a thought goes through my mind about whether it would be suitable. Part of me likes the spontaneous aspect of it, not wanting to restrict myself to a certain size or colour. 

In some ways, I feel I have not been deliberate enough like my friend. I know I want something there so It got me thinking how can I become more deliberate? I decided that the size of the painting will be my starting point….

Where do you want to be more deliberate?