“I feel so much more grounded”

There is something special about working whilst a dog is lying by your feet underneath the table. As we masterminded during the weekend, my mastermind buddy’s beautiful dog was often nearby, snoozing away or sighing deeply.

As a young child, I was often around animals; rabbits and occasionally a cat or a dog. As an adult, I haven’t been around animals for years so was interested to see how I would feel. I had never been around horses and I have a lot of respect for these powerful animals. I admit to being a bit nervous.

I took the chance to join my buddy at every possible opportunity, feeding the horses, replenishing their hay boxes and taking her dog for walks. I was reminded how wonderful is it to be in nature; with fresh air and crunching through the leaves in the forest. 

Being away from the computer and phone had a lot to do with it. Life takes on a different pace when you spend time with animals. They remind you to be present, to take things more slowly and appreciate life. They were very loving and there was something very calming about being around them – feeling grounded is probably the best description I can give.

It’s definitely something I would love to do again soon. When was the last time you spent time with animals and how did you feel?