When I first started my blogging challenge, I was pretty nervous about doing videos. It was probably because I hadn’t done that many before and also it felt like putting myself out there in the world. I knew it was necessary for clients to be able to find me but that didn’t make it less scary.

Writing the blog posts was fine for me so my business mentor suggested I read the blog posts in a video. That way I could reach people that preferred seeing the video over reading. I’m sure you have a preference. That felt pretty doable and yes I knew that people could see that I was reading the blog post but I was ok with that.

Once I had gotten into the groove, it felt easier. I wrote the blog post followed by creating the video. I was speaking to a friend recently and she mentioned that I came alive more when I spoke freely for the video. I had gotten over the fear of appearing in a video so why not try speaking freely instead of reading the blog post verbatim.

So why not change the groove? I’ll see how it goes, maybe I’ll make more mistakes and that is also ok. Next step will be to do Facebook lives. I admire many people that do it so naturally and come across so well. One step at a time.

Where are you in your groove and have you considered changing it?