As we go into December, it got me thinking about how people review their year. I love getting these Christmas cards with highlights and milestones of the family’s year. It’s a nice thing to receive as it often gets us to reflect ourselves.

My husband and I used to do a year review but recently that’s given way to producing a photo album, going through all the activities we had with our families. It’s meant that I’m always saying “Cheese” and “Smile” throughout the year as I collect material for the album. The top 12 photos also go into a calendar for the next year.

There are so many different ways you can review your year. It can be done through your accounts, holidays and experiences, the courses you took, the clients you helped, basically whatever is important to you. For me, the photo album has become about sharing experiences with our families as I make 3 albums, one for us and one for each set of our parents.

It’s a good way to see how you want the following year to look. Let’s say you felt that you didn’t travel enough, then it’s good to start planning with some destinations. If you feel you didn’t socialize enough, then what kind of events will you go to? Or maybe you would like another year just like this one?

How are you going to review your year?