I still remember the day I got the idea for my first business. It was an autumn day, the ground was covered in leaves and I was walking along the river to work. I was halfway to work when some ideas suddenly came together in my head. They seemed so clear and made so much sense. 

Today, I put that moment down to having a clear mind. I had been walking for a while that morning and the monkey mind had been chattering away but then, my mind quietened down. I realized that this is how I meditate. 

I’m not one to just sit cross-legged on a cushion and allow my thoughts to pass like clouds, I tend to do better doing something like walking or using a guided meditation. 

I was recently reminded of the importance to meditate and the message of movement and stillness came through. Reflecting on this, I realise that the best way for me is to walk and then sit in stillness so that answers to my questions will come through and land. 

Like most things, it’s something that takes practice and as I’ve fallen out of the habit with doing this, it may take some time to build up again. I know it’s worth getting back into because we often hear that we have all the answers within ourselves. One of the best ways to tap into these answers is through meditation.

Do you meditate?