Have you ever walked through your parents’ door and found yourself behaving like a teenager again? Even if you’re well into your 30s, 40s, 50s or even 60s.

The holiday season is a bit of an emotional melting pot. Most of us love our families so we want to spend time with them. However, it’s easy to fall into old patterns unconsciously. Someone just has to say something and “Boooof”, off we go onto a well-trodden path with both parties reacting in the same way, fueling each other.

It doesn’t just have to be with parents, it can be with siblings, relatives, old friends, even colleagues. We fall into certain patterns and only when we think about it consciously can we try something different. So instead of reacting, when we take the time to respond, we can change the pattern. 

So, let’s say someone asks about a sensitive topic in your life. Since this has most likely happened in the past, you may be able to predict it. What could you do and say differently this time? 

Instead of getting flustered, you could be honest and tell them how you feel about this topic, you could counter-question, you could look them in the eye and smile sweetly. Whatever you do, you feel better when you respond in a different way. It’ll change the dynamics of the situation.

So try having an answer ready this holiday season.

PS: If you struggle with this and it affects you, maybe it’s time to book a discovery call with me to find out what’s behind it.