“Send me your About page text by Tuesday. I want it in my inbox when I wake up.” – Me to one of my accountability partners.

Wikipedia says an accountability partner is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. My definition is “Someone who has your back on your back” to get stuff done.

People often ask me how to find an accountability partner. You can ask a friend or someone who is in a similar position to you with a business. If you belong to a group program or mastermind group, you can see who would like more regular interaction to stay on track. Ask around and see who is interested.

When you do find someone, it’s best to speak regularly, say once a week for half an hour (1), and define what you are working on for the week. It’s important for both parties to be committed to the relationship.

You help each other in many ways; share ideas, contacts and experience. Support one another through tough times, push the other when you feel they are capable of more, be the sounding board and more.

Recently I was with a group of super productive ladies and asked them their top tip to overcome procrastination. Janna Scharfenberg from In Good Health also recommends having an accountability partner. (2)

Find one today – someone who has your back on your back.


1) Some people have a call every day, so find the regularity that suits you best

2) Janna Scharfenberg, In Good Health