“I’m going to treat myself to sushi”

They say that it’s good to reward yourself now and then once you have completed something you wanted to do. It can be an incentive to get things done.

I never thought I was any good at rewarding myself as I tend to just move onto the next task without thinking too much. That was until last week when I realized that I do reward myself, I just hadn’t realized it. 

I had just given my Step out of your comfort zone talk to 50 people in a large financial institution. Afterwards, on the way home, I was thinking about what to get for lunch and I thought “I’m going to treat myself to sushi”.

Suddenly I realized and understood that I use food as a reward. In the past, after giving a talk, I’ve treated myself to some fancy chocolate, Asian food or perhaps a Sprüngli lunch (for those of you that are not in Switzerland, it’s a place known for great food and fine chocolate).

People use different things to incentivize themselves – it could be a massage, spa treatment, book, an afternoon off, weekend break, new outfit, new gadget, guilt-free Netflix binge, evening on the sofa reading the latest thriller or depending on your budget, new house, round the world trip and more. 

Have a think what would make you stand up and do something.

How do you typically reward yourself?