Do you have a minor career alongside your major one? What do I mean by this? I was reading a blog post from Randy Deutsch, an architect who deliberately chose to do something new every 7 years besides his job, so playwright, speaker, author, etc. (1) It’s a long post and he goes into a lot of detail of how it worked so well for him.

I really liked the idea because it reminded me of when I was going through my life crisis where my job situation changed that I felt I had nothing besides my work and that was a very sad situation to be in. 

Randy had deliberately chosen a side career in order to enhance his main. So no matter what happened, there was always something on the side giving new inspiration and energy. It kept him learning and growing and when things weren’t working out so well in one area, there was usually something going on with the other. 

I know people that would like to do something for themselves. Setting up a small business up on the side would be the perfect way to have a “minor” career. There’s less pressure on it needing to perform to pay the bills whilst you experiment and see what works best for you. It’s fun to explore new things and knowing that you can always change it may make it easier too.

Have you got a major and minor career or have you considered it?


  1. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/7-year-career-randy-deutsch-aia-leed-ap/