At my new kung fu class, I am told “Relax” every single time. It got me asking, “How do I relax?” So I’m going to ask you now – how do you relax?

There’s no point in telling me to “Just Relax”. That’s like saying “Calm down” to someone who is angry, it just gets them more angrier ☺ 

I know my tension comes from years of sitting at a computer and I tend to hold it in my neck and shoulders. It’s also partly personality, pushing things to get done through, holding everything together, etc.

At our latest masterminding group in Kologne / Bonn, I had a massive attack of the belly laughs – you know the ones where you start crying because you are laughing so much. Later, one of the ladies gave me a hug and said you feel more relaxed now. I haven’t had a belly laugh like that in absolute ages and yes, it felt great!

Another one of my masterminders suggested a body scan. There are many guided meditations available on youtube that guide you through your body to relax different parts. I tried it and know that repetition will help. Another suggestion was breathing work, taking the time to take deep breaths, mainly concentrating on the out-breath letting the tension go. Connecting to nature like having a short walk or sitting in nature would also help. 

I would love to know – what do you do to relax?