Who do you need to be to own a million-dollar business?

I was watching a video from Fabienne Fredrickson of Boldheart about how she was helping a business owner realise that she needed to act in a very different way if she wanted to be a million-dollar business owner (1)

She got the lady to write a note “I am the owner of a Million Dollar Business…and so it is”. This was then to be her mantra and affirmation until her subconscious and being understood this. She explained that the lady would do very different things, for example, have a team that works for her, delegate, concentrate on where she excels.  

Straight away, I wrote one out for myself – “I am the owner of a profitable six-figure business” (one step at a time) because I realized that I am currently doing things to sabotage myself, like having busy work – things that use up my time but ultimately don’t contribute to my business.  

At our latest mastermind group, I did a group Rapid Transformational Therapy session to see what was blocking us to be the owners of a profitable six-figure business and it was so interesting to see the different fears. It was so useful for us to see what our underlying issues were so we could start turning things around.

I’m listening to the audio every day myself and I know it’s helping me. Whenever I get stuck somewhere, I ask myself “What would the owner of a profitable six-figure business do?” and that normally moves me forward.

Remember – who do you need to be to get to where you want?


  1. You, a million-dollar business owner