Once I publish this blog post on my website, I go straight to Facebook and make a post. Once I have done that, I start a Facebook Live on the topic.

Habit stacking (1) is when you add a new habit to an existing one. Years ago, when I wanted to add the habit of flossing my teeth, I added it after brushing my teeth which was already a habit from childhood. Once flossing was part of my normal routine, I added a simple skincare routine.

It’s easier to add something to an existing habit because you know that you will easily do the old one. You don’t need to think so much as you’re on auto drive mode. You ride on the wave of something that is easy for you, using the momentum to continue, allowing you to introduce something new.

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a few days because I would like to add something to my blog post habit stack and I noticed a bit of resistance. After the FB live, I would like to post the blog on LinkedIn. Then I started thinking will it be too much work? Is it the right platform? My LinkedIn profile isn’t up to date. So by writing this blog post, I am going for it and it is giving me a kick up the butt to get my LinkedIn profile updated.

What habits can you stack?


1) https://jamesclear.com/habit-stacking