There’s a lot of people around us, maybe even you as well, having to make tough decisions. Given the coronavirus pandemic going on around us, a number of the people I work with are cancelling their events because they are looking out for the health of everyone involved. 

As someone who used to organize events, I know what it means when they say it’s caused them sleepless nights, a lot of back and forth of shall I cancel, shall I not? It often means loss of income and uncertainty what to expect for the future. 

I noticed in the past few days that the level of nervousness has definitely been higher. Scenes that we had previously only seen in other countries, like supermarket shelves emptying becoming reality here. 

I think we all feel this is unprecedented territory for most of us. So with love and compassion, I thank everyone for doing the best, making some tough decisions and for looking out for each other. 

I know it’s difficult to often see good at such times, but let’s try to do that. Whilst it’s not the case for everyone, for many of us, it’s giving us time at home to be with our families, it’s showing us a new way of working and hopefully it shows us all that we need to be there for one another, supporting each other as much as we can and showing solidarity.

Sending you all love and strength.