My husband’s joined me at home and my little boy is about to as well. With teams taking it in turns to work from home and the schools closing, we are about to enter a new dynamic in the household.

I’ve been working from home for a few years now and have set up structures to ensure I have enough social interaction – I’m an extrovert so need it. Apart from seeing my clients online, I also have regular accountability meetings online too. I also had a number of live meetings that I used to attend like Toastmasters and martial art that are now one by one, slowly being cancelled.

Last weekend, my husband and I had our quarterly family offsite where we discuss what we want to do for the following quarter. It made us realise the importance to be open and communicate what we need and want, especially in a time where things are different. We’re going through our calendar and will take it in turns to look after our little boy. We’re thinking about activities to do for him. We’ve set up dedicated workspaces in the flat so we don’t need to keep moving off the kitchen table.

There will be many of us in this situation, at least for the next few weeks and who knows, possibly even months, so it would be great to know what you are doing and how it is working for you. Enjoy the time at home together as well.