So we are in “stay at home” mode. Whilst some have gained commute time, others have lost childcare. Some have gained time with their immediate family, others have lost time with their extended family or friends. Some have gained time to reflect, others have lost sporting, club or hobby time. 

How about you? Have you gained or lost time in the grand scheme of things? Actually, we still have the same amount of time, we are just going to use it differently. What are you going to do with it?

There’s all these things that have been on your list for ages, that you have been procrastinating over. Like decluttering your wardrobe or throwing out your children’s old toys or finally getting around to digitizing your office files.

Then all those Netflix series are calling, all the ones you have been meaning to watch. Or those piles of unread books. Some online courses you started but never finished. Now’s the time right?

Catch up with friends and family time, checking in with everyone to see if they are ok and how they are coping with staying at home and travel bans. 

Oh yes, there’s still work to do and now there’s breakfast, lunch and dinner to make, let’s not forget to shop for food too. For some, there is a delicate balance between working and homeschooling kids, not always easy since daycare or school was your usual childcare. 

So what’s your perception – have you gained or lost time?