A lot of you are at home at the moment and I am sure I am not the only one when I say there are plenty of places to declutter in the home. At least there are in my home. As I speak to people, many of them are saying I’m going to Marie Kondo this or they can finally get round to getting rid of stuff they have been meaning to.


It’s not just about decluttering stuff, although that is always the first step, it’s a good time to declutter other things in our life too. As we are all going back to basics, it’s figuring out what we want from life as well. Some have suddenly gained back the commute time so can spend it on a hobby they have wanted to pursue for a while.


A few people I spoke to over the week had talked about journaling, getting everything down on paper and how this helped them organize their thoughts and understand what was important for them.


If you run out of areas to declutter – first pat yourself on your back and then look at your computer – could it do with a digital declutter? ☺


On my list, I have a number of cupboards, mainly my little boy’s toy areas as things have been stuffed in and in until they are at bursting point. It’s good to get rid of toys that he no longer plays with. If you are familiar with the Marie Kondo concept, I’ve also got a few boxes of sentimental things to go through (that’s the last area to tackle on her list).


So what are you going to declutter?