A friend of mine said that she was bored. As an avid traveller, she’s missing her travelling and getting restless and bored. So is being bored, a curse or a blessing?

I remember once hearing that once in a while, you should let your kids get bored. I found an article talking about this and here are some quotes from the author Dr. Vanessa Lapointe:

“Children need to sit in their own boredom for the world to become quiet enough that they can hear themselves. Children need to sit in the nothingness of boredom in order to arrive at an understanding of who they are.”

I found the article applies to adults as much as children. These days, we are so used to being busy with constant distractions that we are rarely bored. Perhaps we just need to sit quietly within ourselves to see what our inner voice is saying to us.

It’s probably even good for us to be a bit bored so we can start being creative with things around us and we can think about how we want our future to be. If your life is normally full of excitement and drama, you might find yourself constantly needing more of it to feel. So a bit of boredom may bring your senses back to more normal levels ☺.

Like many things, probably too much of being bored isn’t a good thing but too little isn’t either. 

What do you think? Is being bored a curse or a blessing?


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