Sometimes I ask my husband for blog post ideas and he said how about asking what challenges people? He suggested this as he was moving around the kitchen at 1.40 pm cooking lunch, putting the kettle on, stirring the onions, chopping the vegetables whilst two hungry people waited patiently. Cooking is a challenge for him. 

As I do most of the cooking during the week, for a while now, he decided that he wanted to do all the cooking at the weekend. I am truly grateful for this as it gives me a nice break. It’s not just about the cooking, for me, it’s often making all the extra decisions around what to cook. 

Although he finds it challenging, he still wants to do it because he knows that that is the only way to get better at it – by doing. He stretches himself out of his comfort zone and keeps at it. One of the things he finds most challenging is getting all the dishes out at the same time, so today, we started eating before the last dish was finished so we’ll have that dish for dinner. And that’s totally ok because I know he is trying his best and not giving in.

So if there is an area that you would like to get better at, create opportunities to do it and keep practicing because it is going to get easier and easier the more you do it.

What challenges you?