“Maybe I won’t blog for a week”. 

I was feeling really tired this week having organized my mum’s 70th birthday celebration on Zoom, putting together a slideshow late into the night for a few nights and thinking about what to say to do it justice. 

I had a chat with a friend who reminded me of all the things that are going on, looking after my little boy, running online workshops in the evenings, cooking, cleaning, blogging, etc and she said “You can cut down on some of the things you are doing you know, for example, you don’t have to blog every week”

I thought about what she said and thought “Yeah, maybe I won’t blog for a week”. The funny thing was as I permitted myself to not do it, the pressure came off. Funnily enough, then I realized that I wanted to, I enjoy blogging, it’s my form of expression and all sorts of blog post ideas for the week came flooding to me. 

Often we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, so give yourself permission not to do something and see what happens. You might find yourself wanting to and if you still don’t, that’s totally ok because you have your own permission ☺. You are the one that decides what you want and not want to do. 

So permit yourself to do whatever you want…. within reason 😉