As I walked behind my little boy riding his bike, I’m realized that I’m going to miss our daily bike and walk. We found a flat terrain with little chance of him bumping into people and he would lap round and round. Day in, day out, we would do this round. I started listening to audiobooks whilst walking and it became a wonderful outlet for both of us physically and mentally.

An audiobook enhanced daily walk was not a usual part of my routine before the lockdown and as we emerge from it, it’s something I would like to integrate into the new way forward. Things like this don’t happen by themselves so I am thinking of when it would make sense. 

What else will I miss? Definitely the more relaxed mornings, not having to rush everyone out of the house. The extra activities like building a cable car out of Lego project, dinosaur puzzles (we built a lot of these), having Peter Rabbit Movie Soundtrack constantly on (haha – it sounds like torture but it’s actually a good playlist) and more. My husband said he would miss all the mealtimes together. 

Without going all nostalgic, trust me there are lots of things I won’t miss too but sometimes it’s nice to think about the good and see how we can keep some of it or at least it’s essence.

What are you going to miss?