I recently mentioned to a friend that I wasn’t as communicative as my mother who is amazing at speaking to people. My friend reminded me that I was very communicative, just in a different way.


When speaking to a client, she said that a friend of hers wanted to rise to the top of the ranks of a big corporate company and how she wanted to do it creating her own business in a smaller way. I reminded her that her way was not a smaller way but a different way.


Often we compare ourselves to others but why? We are on such different journeys, pretty much everything about us is different from one another. If it helps us in some way, then it’s ok to compare ourselves but if it makes us feel bad about ourselves, then stop it! (1)


If there is an area in your life that you are working on, it’s better to see how far you have come and acknowledged yourself. And if you don’t feel you are progressing as you want, then what are you going to do about it?


Do you compare yourself to others and does it affect you negatively? See that you do things in a different way. How does that make you feel instead? Does it make you feel better? Because in reality, it will always be in a different way because you are a different person.


Let’s be proud of doing things in a different way 




1)    For some light-hearted viewing, see Bob Newhart’s video on Stop it Therapy