A good thing that came out of the lockdown for me was that I found the environment more conducive to building some daily habits.

I’ve started taking supplements and with my pre-lockdown life, I am certain I would have forgotten to take some when meeting people out for lunch or dinner. Since we were home for so long, it has been much easier as the supplements have always been close to hand.

The same was for exercise, instead of having to make sure I did it 2 or 3 times a week, it was easier to do a small amount but on a daily basis, since the exercise mat was always rolled out.

I know this about myself, it’s easier for me to do something small on a daily basis rather than something bigger on a more irregular basis. It clicked for me when I read the part about Moderators and Abstainers in the book Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin (1). 

Abstainers tend to find it easier to do something on a daily basis. I could see myself more as an Abstainer, doing all or nothing rather than being a Moderator. I wrote about this before in another blog post (2).

How about you? Do you identify more with being a Moderator? Someone who finds it easier to do something occasionally. Or do you identify yourself with being an Abstainer? Someone who finds it easier to do something daily?


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  2. Moderator or Abstainer? blogpost