“This is a book I reread every year”

I’m always curious when a book reviewer says something like this about a book. What’s so fascinating about the message that they want to be reminded of it year after year? 

Perhaps when you see the title, you think of a Go-Getter, so what’s a Go-Giver? I bought it and read it within a couple of sittings because it was a short and easy read. I too can see how this is one to come back to very soon. It’s written in the style of a parable of an ambitious salesman who encounters a mentor who shows him 5 ways to live by. 

He learns to change his focus from getting to giving. He is introduced to go-givers who are continuously giving value to others and putting others’ interests first. Some of the messages served as good reminders and I could see areas where I could make changes in my life, at home and in business.

The key messages are presented as a number of laws. 

  • Law of value; to give more in value than what you take. 
  • Law of compensation; your income is determined by how many you serve and how well
  • Law of influence; how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.
  • Law of authenticity; be truly yourself. 
  • Law of receptivity; be open to receiving. 

I recommend reading the book yourself to understand the messages in depth.

Let’s all be Go Givers