“Take it easy and enjoy your retirement”

I’ve said this a few times to my parents. They “tried” to retire a few times but it really wasn’t for them. They have had their own business ever since I was born, so they are used to being super active.

When they told me they had decided to open another Chinese takeaway (1) in the UK, I wasn’t that surprised. My Mum is in her late 60s and my Dad is 70 so it wouldn’t be unusual for them to be taking it easy as pensioners. But oh no, that’s not for them and good on them I say.

In society, we are often “expected” to behave a certain way, but if that way doesn’t suit you, then remember it’s always your choice. You can do what you want.

My parents are so much happier being active, having something to wake up to every day. They have less aches and pains, they have more zest for life, my Mum is in her element meeting customers, something she truly loves and is the best at. It’s much better all round for everyone.

My parents are strong role models in my life; they’ve always pursued what they love, they always have a “Can Do” attitude and they show me that you are never too old to do anything you want.

What do you really want to do? You’re never too old.


1) If you are ever in that part of the UK, go visit my parents’ Win Win Chinese Takeaway in Deal ☺