“Look forward. Look forward to where you are going, it will be easier.”

On Sunday, we went for a family walk and my little boy started balancing on a small pavement ledge. My husband thought it would be fun to follow suit. It’s fun to see a grown man playing a bit. I decided to join in too.

My son skipped along with it, falling off and getting back on again. My husband was trailing behind because he was looking at his feet. I realised that when I looked forward to where we were going, I was able to balance more easily and walk at a good speed. I suggested it to my husband. He replied, “You are right, I wouldn’t look at my skis if I was skiing.”

It made me think of when you are looking forwards towards a vision, it makes what you are doing easier. Recently a friend shared a commencement speech given by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has always had a vision which has helped him become one of the most successful people in whatever he puts his mind to. He said that if there was anything to take away from the speech – that would be to develop and create a very clear vision because there will always be obstacles being thrown in your way no matter where you are in life and that vision will help you stay on track.

So create and develop your vision and look forward to it.


  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger 2020 Commencement Speech