I recently joined my friend Edson Williams to co-host a coaching group called Flip the Script. It’s an incredible group of people with projects that are inspiring and will change the world. When Edson asked me to join him, I immediately accepted as I was blown away by the projects and I want to contribute and support them in getting them out there.

One of the projects is a film project showing people with a condition. It is to show people that there are other people out there facing the same challenges. To give relief and hope.

The agreement in the group is that there are no excuses, only that you ask, give and receive support. The group is dynamic and supportive, everyone is there for one another and has each other’s back. Sometimes we think we are alone with our struggles and challenges, but with groups like this, you learn that we all go through them. We learn from each other and what has worked so we can apply and adapt these in our lives too.

The reach we have within the group is fantastic. For example, we put out a call on social media asking if our network knew someone with that condition and within the day, we had multiple leads. 

It’s so valuable to be part of a group that are doing inspiring projects and know that you are not alone.