I love that we have our family offsite every quarter. It gives my husband and I a chance to take a step back and go “Whoah, what happened in the last 3 months?”

Like most people, our lives are pretty hectic and even chaotic at times. We have a young child, my husband has a job, I have my own business, we have a household to manage, friends to see, parents in other countries, books to read and life goes whoosh.

We’ve done a few family offsites now so we know the drill. We discuss the 3 things we’ve listed and rate how they went. Some need more time and will continue to stay on the list whilst others are done. If they are not done, there’s usually a reason so we talk about what happened. Circumstances and priorities change.

I always have a business section on my list where I work on my services and last quarter, I decided to add a “fun” task too. It was to hang on my pull up bar for a minute in preparation for doing pull-ups (something I would love to do). Unfortunately, I injured my arm over the summer moving furniture and started acupuncture to treat it. So whilst I would love to do this, it doesn’t make sense anymore. Getting fit and healthy is more important than hanging on a bar. I acknowledged myself for the progress I’ve made in this area of my life – I now exercise 4 – 5 times a week so I still rated myself pretty high despite not being able to hang for a whole minute because of the injury.

For me, I really appreciate taking the time to step away from our busy lives for a moment to decide on what is important for us, so we have given some thought to what we want to work on next. We’re not just running in the hamster wheel, we know what our focus is.

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