“That’s the difference between an amateur and a pro”

My husband always knows how to hit a message home. I’ll be honest. I’m not always feeling motivated to write. I have a deadline by Saturday night to complete the following week’s blogs and sometimes I sit down on Saturday night staring at a blank Word page.

Once my husband shared that sentence with me, I sucked it up, dialed up my Pomodoro timer, and started typing. He also reminded me that I can always start with “blah blah blah” until something meaningful comes out.

Many writers, rather than waiting for inspiration or the muse to appear, have written about being consistent. Turning up at the same time, same place every day to write. There will be days of flow and beautiful prose and there will be days where every letter stubbornly refuses to land. That’s the beauty of writing, like most things, it is something you can practice and get better at.

My husband’s comment also reminds me of who I identify myself in being. I identify myself as a being a pro, therefore I meet the standards that I have set for myself. What would a pro do in this situation? A pro doesn’t make excuses. A pro gets on with the work. A pro just does it.

Therefore, so what do you do if you’re not feeling motivated? Ask yourself who you are and what that person would do.