You’re standing on the edge of the springboard. Looking down. You gulp as you realise how high you are. And all of a sudden – you’re flying through the air and SPLASH! Someone pushed you.

Do you need to be pushed before you take action? Some do and some don’t. There are of course different kinds of pushes. Some are hard like being made redundant when you weren’t expecting it even though you weren’t happy in your job. Some are gentle nudges like a friend encouraging you to try something different at lunch. Sometimes we can push ourselves, like running faster up the hill today.

And sometimes we put ourselves into positions where we know we are going to get pushed. We work with a personal trainer at the gym because we want to achieve certain levels of fitness or lose weight. We feel our career isn’t going as we would like so we work with a coach to explore the next steps. I’ve regularly worked with different business mentors to further my work.

And why do we do it? Because it’s easy to cruise. It’s easy to stay looking down from the springboard and not jump. I’ve felt most proud of myself when I have done things I didn’t think I was capable of doing, be it big or small. Sometimes it needed a push from the outside and sometimes a push from within.

Do you need a push?