“We need a new fridge”, “No problem. We roll with the punches”

My husband and I have been using a tool called “You need a budget” (YNAB for short) to track our finances. I must say I’m very impressed by what it helps you do. It helps you take control of your money. Admittedly, my husband is the main driver as he’s a tracker by nature and I benefit from it being used J

What I found interesting was that there are four rules they recommend to live by:-

  • Give every dollar a job – pretty much what it says, every dollar has a purpose which you decide. It helps you list your priorities.
  • Embrace your true expenses – you don’t need to be shocked by bills coming in anymore as you allocate for them regularly.
  • Roll with the punches – when something unexpected like the fridge breaking comes up, redirect funds from a less important area.
  • Age your money – use “old” money instead of “new” money – breaking the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

I particularly like rule 3 – roll with the punches as it helps to expect the “unexpected”. A funny statement I know. Life is full of surprises and normally a broken fridge would not be a nice one. Yet, with this tool and system, we know we can handle it. We have the overview so we’ll move funds from other places to cover it.

Life is rolling with the punches.