“What parting message would you leave on your gravestone?”

I was asked this. What message would you want to leave to the world once you’ve departed? Good question. What would you put?

This is like writing your own eulogy, except making it a lot more succinct and concise.

Various phrases flashed through my mind… Be Kind…. Be Curious….Stop Procrastinating … Take Action.

I strive to be kind and curious and when you stop procrastinating, you take action. I settled on Take Action.

And why Take Action? It’s what I see has helped me and others move forward the most. It’s what I’ve sometimes been afraid of doing. But when I did start taking action, then I grew. It’s through action that we can change our situation.

I’d rather be moving even if it is moving backward because I still learn from it. Yes, action can be of the wrong sort so it takes awareness, reflection, and adjustment along the way. I find it such a shame when people think and think and think and do nothing. I know there are people that need more time to think and plan their actions out and that’s absolutely fine. So long as the action is taken eventually.

I’m more of a let’s try things out and see what happens type of person. We have to follow our natural style.

So back to you, what would your parting message be on your gravestone?