“People keep saying yes”

We challenged one of our mastermind group clients to go out there and fail. Yes, you heard me right, to go out there and fail. He wrote this line back to us with a big smile.

I often tell my clients that it doesn’t always matter what the result is. It’s more that we get over our own fears and insecurities and put ourselves out there to ask. We challenged another client to go out there and start collecting some Nos. When you expect to receive Nos, they don’t feel so bad. The outcome isn’t always what you expect.

One of my all-time favourite videos on rejection therapy is by Jia Jiang who famously did a 100-day challenge on collecting Nos. (1) On Day 3 of his challenge, he asked Jackie, a Krispy Kreme employee to make doughnuts in the shape of the Olympic logo. He didn’t bargain for what happened next.

I recently put out one of my blog posts in a large Facebook group and I wasn’t feeling completely comfortable doing it. All I got was positive encouragement and likes so why was I afraid of doing this? It’s the unknown. Will I get negative comments? Will people like it? It’s normal to have these thoughts. Someone contacted me from this and we had a really nice conversation, so I am so glad I did.

Who knows what will happen if you put yourself out there?


1)    Day 3 of Rejection Therapy by Jia Jiang

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